Monday, April 1, 2013


So many cool things I have been working on lately. I have been spending so much time doing experiments and learning and coding that my writing has not been catching up. Hopefully I will have some free time this week when I am not obsessively thinking and working on a project.

Still no Post Doc. A few people have offered me jobs here at the University of Chicago. One of my Professor friends Tao Pan is top of the list. We will see. I just don't see why/how people don't reply. I mean seriously. It is very weird how these people treat other human beings when not long ago they were in the same position. Weird. I wish I could vent more about it but I guess I don't really care enough to. Too many cool things I am working on.

Been testing my memory every morning without fail. It is very difficult to try and figure out memory techniques. I can't tell if my memory is improving much. Strangely (why do adverbs seem so weird?), I can remember 10 digits by looking at them for less than 5 seconds by chunking them into 3s and a single (111 111 111 1). But 11 numbers is significantly more difficult for my mind. I have been trying to figure out a simple way to overcome this without resorting to extension mnemonic devices. Difficult for the time being.

I have drastically reduced my drinking and my mind has been working better than it has for the past 5 years. I don't even have enough time and energy to keep up with all the ideas and learning I want to do.

Hopefully, new fun experiments/ideas will be posted soon.