Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Using a Radiator to Generate Electricity Part 2

So part of Sunday I spent soldering together a bunch of those TEC1-12706 peltier devices.

And then for lack of a better idea I duct taped them to the thermal blanket and put them on the radiator.

Much to my great surprise nothing happened. hahahah. The main problem is temperature differential. Thermoelectric generators or peltier devices work by temperature differential between the two sides. Once the peltier devices equilibrate and heat is not being released faster then it is stored the whole device becomes the same temperature, there is no temperature differential and no voltage. Well that is a lie kind of.

I was able to measure 0.324V from 12 of these devices, haha. I really need a way to dissipate the heat.

On another note. I watched the movie Seven psycopaths this weekend. It was really good. It was really original and interesting. You should check it out.

Oh yeah, my new goal is to not drink so much on Friday so I can do more work on Saturdays. Going to be hard though because drinking is soooo fun! Dahhh.

I also signed up for the DARPA spectrum challenge. I don't know if I will do it but I signed up. They are super sketchy about the details. They sent me an email

"Thank you for registering for the DARPA Spectrum Challenge.  This email is to inform you that the qualification period will begin no earlier than Sunday, Feb 10, 2013.  Several days before the qualification period begins, you will receive another email informing you of the exact start date/time.  Detailed instructions for completing the qualification exercises will be sent to the team leaders at the start of the qualification period."

haha. Whatever that means.