Monday, October 2, 2017

DIY Guide to Creating a Peptide Immunotherapy Cancer Vaccine

I received an email over a year ago from Lars. His wife Dyanne, a never smoker, had developed Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. He was reaching out to me to see if CRISPR would be a viable way to try and treat his wife. He lamented at how the medical system and academic scientists he contacted had given up on her to die. Eventually, we decided that CRISPR was probably not the best thing to try and they started down the path of immunotherapy instead. What we found was that a patient could use cutting edge peptide immunotherapy for a few hundred dollars or euros by ordering their own peptides directly from synthesis companies. We started out by helping to coach people through the process of ordering and working with peptides and as the demand increased we decided to do something more.

See the fucked up thing about the world is not the scammers peddling fake cancer treatments, it's the medical doctors peddling infinite wisdom but refusing to do anything, much less everything that they can to help someone who is dying. What lengths would you be willing to goto to save your loved one or partner and does not every human deserve that same dignity and respect? Maybe you say this is irresponsible as if letting someone die without the right to do whatever they want with their body is totally fine.

See, so many people are scared of what might happen if people all over start trying things like this but ya' know what I am scared of? I am scared of people just being left to die because people are to worried about saving their own career and their own paycheck than saving a human life.

So after much thought and deliberation myself, Lars and a few other caregivers and individuals with cancer decided to make a guide based on things people had been trying to some success. Maybe a first of its kind guide(with hopefully many more to come) on how to treat someone who has NSCLC using peptide immunotherapy.
We are not advertising this as a cure-all or even cure. We are putting this out there as a means of help and hope because one of the saddest things to realize in life is that world doesn't have your back. Sometimes in your hardest moments you need to be your own hope. But you can and that's the amazing thing. It's possible that out there in the scientific literature or through self-experimentation you can help yourself and possibly others.

As I write this there are people dying of cancer and other diseases. Maybe close to home, maybe far away. But if they don't inspire you to learn more, work harder and try harder. What the fuck are we doing Science for?