Sunday, January 20, 2013


I haven't been updating much on weekends and not because I haven't been doing much. I guess I am just not motivated enough to post stuff. Also, probably because I am slightly hungover.

I have not been able to sleep well lately so I decided that from now on I am not going to sleep until I am extremely tired. It works kind of well I guess...

Been studying alot about Stochastic equations in game theory and population dynamics. Trying to piece together Modern Game Theory. I am finding too many differential equations mixed with linear algebra and I am just like daahhhh, Why can't we just do simulations?

Oh yeah, when I was talking about units moving in gaussian distributions that is basically diffusion, HAH.

I love diffusion and Maxwell's Ratchet I want to build something based off of diffusion/brownian motion. I want to build a calculator (this is kind of a joke I was just day dreaming today). You have a solution and it contains different sized magnetic particles. That are all connected to an electromagnet. When you try and do a calculation it drops the particles and then allows them to diffuse. Based on the mean squared distance different size beads diffuse over say 1 hour you have your answer. The calculator works by changing the temperature to increase or decrease diffusion rates. Ratios of different sized beads at different distances can be mapped back to an actual integer value. That would be fun to build haha. Then to restart you activate the electromagnet so they all have the same initial start position.