Saturday, April 25, 2015

Drug Deals of the Future

I received a text message

Hey I'm coming to pick up the drugs be there in 10 minutes

I totally forgot Nico was stopping by but no big deal. I had plenty. I just need to find my digital scale to weigh it out. Well, actually, I can't find my scale. I guess I will just give him what we agree is appropriate.

Nico arrives and he comes into the apartment James Baxter is laying around, the best cat ever. As you can tell James is wary of drug deals.

I open up the freezer and pull out a little plastic baggy with white powder in it and a small plastic bottle. I tell Nico that I haven't tested the new stuff yet(in the bottle) and I don't think there is quite a gram in the plastic bag so I give him the old stuff in the plastic bag and dump a little bit of the new stuff into a container and give it to him. He goes to pull out some cash and I tell him not to worry about it. We exchange a few pleasantries and then Nico leaves.

I never said I was good at being a drug dealer. I give too much away for free.

Ohhhhh, you must be confused. That white powder wasn't cocaine or another elicit substance it was actually Kanamycin, an antibiotic drug that Nico was using to select for genetically engineered organisms he has been working on creating at Biocurious.

The other evening, one Patrik D'haeseleer, came and picked up some Science supplies at my apartment on his way home from work. I dropped some stuff off for Antonio Lamb earlier this week.

It is such a cool and weird world we live in that things like this are occurring. I enjoy being a part of this because of the surrealistic situations it puts me in (well, also, I am inspired by people's passions for doing Science and want to help).

I always wanted to be a drug kingpin(jk jk lol). I mean I always to be a Science kingpin. Doing Science everyday.

I was talking to a Ph.D. Scientist recently and they brought up something I hear often, "I don't think that these Biohackers will ever accomplish much.". I think people say that because they are short-sighted. Instead of thinking of a future where "drugs deals" go down for Kanamycin to genetic engineer OR maybe even deals that are for an awesome strain of bacteria or plants that you just engineered, people think of what they have experienced.

I say stop that. Start thinking beyond your experiences and not what has happened to you but what can and will happen in the future. Don't expect it to be there tomorrow or a week or a year or ten years from now. Maybe fifteen years though. I'll be honest I would be restless by twenty. However, every investment you make, I make, has the potential to be a catalyst. I was talking to someone the other day and telling her how sometimes we need to put ourselves out there. Our weird and crazy thoughts and ideas. Because these could be a catalyst for someone's enjoyment or an inspiration for our future. Well, do it and maybe you will be slinging some Kanamycin one day.

Disclaimer: No drugs were taken during the events that occur in this post or during the writing of this post(I swear). Also, I'm not a drug dealer.