Monday, April 14, 2014

GRC Photosensors

The Photosensory Gordon Conference is over and I am stuck in Italy, oh the horror you say but really I want to be home. Before coming here I was at St. Mark's boarding school to give a talk about technology and the Chromochord it was fun but I have been home 4 of the last 24 days and I really like my own things. I am extensively a creature of habit and really like eating the same foods and seeing the same things and working. I love being able to do Science and work. I am excited to return home.
So the conference was about what I expected except that there was not much on LOV domains, *tear*. It was really great to see everyone again and meet people I have been doing lots of work with, Peter Freddolino(we have been running some enhanced sampling MD simulations). Super computers and remote resources for the win. During, my travels I have had to SSH into these computers from my cell phone to set something up. I enjoy 2014 it is so cool. Hung out a bunch with John Christie from Glasgow and John Kennis my laser lab Amsterdam friend. After my last post it was sad because so many people were telling much how they enjoyed my work and how it had helped them figure stuff out or write grants. In fact someone told me that a preprint I sent them of one of my manuscripts before submission helped them to write a grant that they received! Yay for being open with my work and it helping people, that is exactly the point of Science. Anyways, I think in the end friends and colleagues do make one feel truly appreciated.
The conference has given me so much time to think. So many more ideas. I have so many ideas floating around my head I am having a hard time focusing. It is making me more manic than normal. But because I see this I can start to try and take it under control. Sometimes I wish I could turn my brain off without alcohol and then turn it back on again when I needed more ideas.
Arriving in Pisa today I really wanted a hamburger after eating pasta all week. The one I ate was an interesting attempt at one but probably the most disappointing burger I have had in a while. Oh well. Tomorrow I am off to Heathrow and I stay the night there due to a scheduling mistake. Sunday night I gladly arrive home in Mountain View. I miss you Kirin Chinese restaurant and NASA.