Sunday, March 2, 2014


I love Science.
Some people do Science and some people enjoy Science but I love Science. I _LOVE_ it.

I am not the best Scientist. I have whacky ideas and spend lots of my time trying to do crazy stuff when I could be actually accomplishing something. It sucks. I wish I was better. I really do. Because. Science is my heart. It is my soul. It is my Passion.

Maybe you are Passionate about Science. Well let's show it.

Watch this video:

Maybe you are not a football fan. But I am sure you can see the Passion of these footballers. Why is Science different? Why can't we show our Passion and be so Passionate about our work that we cry, scream, hate, love?

Does going to Scientific talks inspire you? Or does it put you to sleep? They usually always put me to sleep. Science is so much a job now. Which is cool. It is cool. Everyone who does Science can't be passionate about it. Do people even have Science heroes anymore though?

Oh you love Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye, great people who don't even do Science anymore. Bill Nye is not even a Scientist. These people are not the worst, they do attempt to inspire people to do Science. But ya' know what is more inspiring? Someone who is actually in the game, sweating the blood and tears. Toiling to make something. Is that you? Why do you hide it? Are you afraid that showing emotion and Passion might ostracize you in the Scientific world?

Ya' know what I don't want? A science or nature paper. Ya' know what I do want? To maybe hopefully possibly do something that is so intricate and beautiful and someone else sees that and is inspired by it.

I will never be as intelligent as some of the people I know and have worked with. I probably will never rock the Scientific world. But I will always try hard and I will always keep going because Science is too amazing and beautiful to ever give up on.

As ODB said "Science[Wu Tang] is for the children."