Saturday, January 25, 2014

Being Alone

It is really interesting moving to a new place and not really knowing anyone. You have so much time to do stuff. I want to say it is nice but I don't know if I would be lying or not? I don't enjoy people. This is not to say that I don't need company or companionship but I do enjoy my own company. I find myself to be very interesting and thought provoking, hahaha. I also have really good taste in music and movies and I know the funniest jokes. But I guess if this is not true for everyone then maybe something is not correct?

I have accomplished a ton since I have been here. Being without internet and sitting in a mostly bare apartment gives one lots of free time. I am not one of those people who likes to explore or sight-see either. Mostly I just like to explore my mind. I submitted a grant to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA to create a human/bacterial communicator. I requested $30k haha. It was fun to write.

I am finally finishing up my paper on language analysis and hope to put it up on arXiv soon! YAY! I have been working on that paper for years. Maybe since 2011. If anyone wants to help me proofread or tell me if it makes sense I would be glad to send a copy.

Today I hope to code a little and work on my XSEDE proposal which was creating a correlation matrix analysis tool for determining groups in hydrogen bond dynamics over the course of a molecular dynamics simulation.

I also started experimenting in the lab. Well.. creating competent cells, hah. YAY!

I have also been filming a personal documentary about moving here and about Science. I want to include other people. The goal is to give people insight into what it is actually like working as a Scientist. Probably just post it on youtube in a year after I finish all the filming and editing. Just for fun. If you have a decent camera and want to film yourself let me know and maybe we can collaborate!

I finally have a bike! I can now ride to work everyday. It is only like a 1 mile bike ride and is mostly relaxing. The bike lanes are on the outside and I need to figure out how not to be hit when people are turning right and not signalling. hah.

I really enjoy my new apartment even though it is not that large there is plenty of room for myself and I have already planned out how I am going to set it up. I just need to figure out how to obtain all the stuff I need. I just have one question do I need more than a quad monitor setup?

I will be super excited once my workstation and stuff arrives from Chicago! Then I can build stuff and hack stuff and have a good old time. I miss my soldering iron!