Saturday, September 7, 2013

Scientific American

So this week has been crazy. Two articles were published online that were widely read and accessed based on the Chromochord. One in Scientific American by Nona Griffin that Karen Ingram did some cool artwork for!

The other was by the awesome Katie Drummond at The Verge . She was super cool and so much fun to do the article with. 

I will be honest. All the the attention was fun. It was cool to interact with new people and I even was able to interact with Zoe Keating ( my favorite musician! She wants to do a duet with me! hah. If only I could actually play good music on The Chromochord.

I think my main goal from the press was to try and leverage it in some way to acquire more press and to make connections that I can use now or in the future. Partly to try and fund this Indiegogo Campaign I have been working on with Francisco Castillo Trigueros the composer. I probably emailed every major news organization but no one picked it up . It was fun while it lasted but now I need to continue moving forward. My 5 minutes of press are up.

I do think it was good though. It was inspiring. Inspired me to fix some software bugs in the Chromochord. Inspired me to work on new projects and Inspired me to keep doing what I am doing because it really is a productive path. I am excited to see how far my mind can take me! Just need to keep thinking of new ideas and how to implement and keep working to implement them.