Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dr. Zayner and Other Stuff

So I defended my thesis which I am glad is finally over! It was really nice to be able to share my Science everyone. I have so many friends and we rarely talk about what we actually do because we usually spend 8-12 hours a day doing Science and talking with co-workers about it. It was really nice to be able to show my love for Science to people.

It is also fun to be a Ph.D. I have only been one for a few days but whenever I start to feel down I always just remind myself that I have a Ph.D. and it can't ever be taken away. I know lame right? But I still have a kick out of it.

I am still waiting to hear back from my NASA fellowship and have a Skype interview with Ed Boyden next week but otherwise not much going on.  I am really interested to see stuff Ed has to say, hear what he is interested in.

I am working on two cool projects at the moment. One is developing the Chromochord into a new sound sensitive instrument. We have talked to some people at the business school and plan on doing a Kickstarter or some such thing to raise some money for it. I will post on here when that goes down.

I just need to find a job now.

I also did an interview with Nona Griffin that will be published online hopefully soon. I will post when it is up. She was really great. If you have a great Science project that you are working on I encourage you to look her up online and email her.