Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Haven't posted in a bit lately. I have a bunch of stuff that is half-finished/almost finished that I will post on soon. Mostly I have been working on developing Molecular Biology Lab Equipment. And trying to have crazy ideas.

I started playing Chess again which is fun but it is definitely a time sink. I really enjoy Chess though because it is a "fair" game. Most strategy based games out there in the world involve some sort of randomness. Chess is about focus, creativity, knowledge and skill. There is currently no chess perfect game and there most likely never will be, meaning there is no clear cut way to win. There is obvious strategy that one should take into account but for those strategies there are always caveats. Never lose your Queen unless it is traded for the opponents Queen, well unless you are sacrificing it for alot of materials or well unless you are going to win the game or maybe you will be acquiring another Queen through pawn promotion. I have been playing chess for a while now and as I age I become better because I am less likely to attempt some crazy shenanigans. Instead opting for the progressive and slow attrition battle waiting for the opponent to make a mistake and then captializing on it. Maybe that also relates to my life and how I have calmed down a bunch and am much less crazy.

I also have been working lots on my thesis. Writing at least a few hours a day. It is not due until August 2nd but it needs to be mostly done before my thesis defense which will be around the beginning of July. Then I graduate.

Haven't found a Post-Doc yet and I don't even know if I want one. I am trying really hard to start up some sort of business thing so I can just do Science and Engineering on my own. I have so many ideas and projects that I want to work on. I just hope something can succeed.

Will be in Boone, NC this weekend visit friends and then I fly out to the Gordon Research Conference on Synthetic Biology for 5 days, which should be fun. Maybe someone there will be interested in hiring me for a Post-Doc.