Monday, January 7, 2013


I have a couple cool things to post on I just need to post the pictures and stuff!

Purifying my last protein for my paper today, woohoo! Only 107 constructs!

Sold a HeNe laser on eBay. I bought 27 of them for $107, crazy deal. Been playing around with them a little bit. Most I have tested are Red. No idea what to do with them yet or if I should just sell them all and make a bunch of money. I sold that one for $25. Yep, one of them for $25, hah.

 Sending some a plasmid containing Taq polymerase to a guy in Estonia for DIYBio.

Have a meeting for the Art/Science Fellow thing tonight. Get to drink wine and act like a fool. I am pretty good at that. Glad we already have a prototype for our project! The Chromochord. BOOM!

 Worked a little this weekend on the Spectrograph Camera I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around what wavelength of light determines a "color" or really if there even is any such thing as a "color". I didn't think this would be so much brain effort.