Thursday, January 10, 2013


I forgot how much I like the Varian VNMRJ interface. We installed new Bruker consoles in our NMR facility and they are damn fancy there is like a bajillion buttons and stuff. I like VNMRJ because there is not a bajillion buttons in fact I think they opt against buttons. One more HSQC and I have collected all the data for this paper! Well at least until the reviewers respond to us. I pick up my check tomorrow for building a new version of the Chromochord. This means lots of cool science! I am excited and need to figure out what to buy. I was looking at the Nikon D3200 if I end up doing the Spectrophotography which I think at the moment is the best way to go. Life is good when you have money to spend on cool science toys. Going to do the elliptical today at the gym. I actually kind of enjoy it. I don't really enjoy running even though I play so much soccer.