Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interesting problem

So the color that is actually detected by a camera is not absorbance as we usually detect using a spectrophotometer, it is reflectance. Such as Red light being the reflection of Red and the absorbance of Blue and Green. This is going to make this project that much more interesting. I took some spectra today and also some webcam pictures. I am going to try and deconvolute them later and see what I can get. I plan on using OpenCV library with C to analyze the pictures. I am not that big on colors and image processing so I need to learn alot. So many things effect camera images such as lighting, shadows, resolution it is going to be very difficult and interesting. Only half purified my proteins and instead spent lots of time to find decent webcam software for Linux. I think I will also mess around with Blender a little bit tonight if I can make it work. Just because it seems like a cool program but also because I want to be able to use it for 3D printing. Maybe I should find something easier? Chinese take-out for dinner sounds good.