Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Build your own Synthesizer Part 2

What we will learn how to do first is how to have all the software running and working together so that we can hear MIDI output through the speakers on our computer. So hopefully you downloaded and installed all the software I suggested last time. Now we need a terminal preferably root. What we need to start first is JACK. This program allows all the programs we use to communicate with each other and also with our speakers. The easiest way to start it is to run "qjackctl &" . This should open up the JACK GUI. Once it is open we click start.   The next thing we need is to have fluidsynth running, which we can start up with "qsynth &". Qsynth is a software synthesizer frontend GUI for fluidsynth. It takes all the MIDI commands and will generate our music. So now we have the minimum programs we need to run. We can test it out using rosegarden or another MIDI program. What you need to do after starting rosegarden is to open up the JACK connect button and setup the connections they should be as follows: Under the ALSA tab rosegarden or your software should be connected to FLUID Synth. Most common problems when using my own synthesizer for me have always been having the correct connections. Next we will work on setting up the arduino and buttons and ttymidi.