Monday, July 30, 2012

The Chromochord in Europe

It has been pretty crazy being over here in Amsterdam. I came over to do some science with Dr. Tilo Mathes who works with Dr. John Kennis at Vrije University. We worked on doing Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy on a bunch of mutant proteins I created of the AsLOV2 domain. We actually acquired a fair bit of results on over 10 proteins. I am pretty happy. I travel to Berlin tomorrow and I am going to give a talk titled "Protein Engineering and BioElectronics using light activated LOV domains." I am really excited about Berlin and giving a talk. I plan on playing the Chromochord a little bit for them. I will be really glad to make it back to America. It is really difficult to leave for 3 weeks in another country. Things that were normal and simple in your old life, such as obtain cash from an ATM become difficult. It is also stressful to the body which makes it difficult for the mind to function at it's peak. And I forgot that my soldering iron doesn't work with 220V and so now when I need to solder something I have to heat it up on the stove, hah. Yes, I brought some electronics things to work on while I am here. Not as productive as I hoped but still ok. Hopefully I will have some good posts next week on electromyography.