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Zayner, J.P. Mathes, T., Sosnick, T.R. and J.T.M. Kennis (2019) Helical Contributions Mediate Light-Activated Conformational Change in the LOV2 Domain of Avena sativa Phototropin 1

Zayner, J.P. (2014) We Tweet Like We Talk and Other Interesting Observations: An Analysis of English Communication Modalities.

Zayner, J.P. and Sosnick, T.R. (2014) Factors that Control the Chemistry of the LOV Domain Photocycle. PLoS One. 

Zayner, J.P., Antoniou, C., French, A.R., Hause, R.H. and Sosnick, T.R. (2013) Investigating models of protein function and allostery with a wide-spread mutational analysis of a light-activated protein. Biophysical Journal. 

Zayner, J.P., Antoniou, C., and Sosnick, T.R. (2012). The amino terminal helix modulates light activated conformational changes in AsLOV2. J Mol Biol. 419:61-74.

Strickland, D., Lin, Y., Wagner, E., Hope, C.M., Zayner, J., Antoniou, C., Sosnick, T.R., Weiss, E.L., Glotzer, M. (2012). TULIPs: Tunable, Light-activated Interacting Protein Tags for Cell Biology. Nat Methods. 9:379-384.


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